After years of building my own PCs or buying them from mass market computer stores, I decided to take the plunge and buy a new PC from a boutique PC maker. It took me a while to decide on which company to use, but I finally decided on Digital Storm. This decision was due in no small part to their excellent sales, customer care, and technical support teams, whom I contacted by phone and email many times before deciding to buy. - Brady Ross, PA

I found Digital Storm on while searching for 'gaming pcs.' I was amazed by their value and definitely wanted to know more. I
spoke with Harjit at extension 10 and he was very helpful. He spent a good hour going over what specs were good for me and for my budget. I got emails with status updates and finally a tracking number when my computer shipped. It arrived and I fired it up. It was amazing, much better than my boring Gateway computer. I am so glad I found Digital Storm and will definitely purchasing a desktop computer for my home business. Kudos to Harjit and Digital Storm, you guys are great! - John Diaz, TX

From the day I ordered, my computer shipped in six business days! I don't know of any other company that could offer this quick of a turn-around time on incredibly rare parts here (FX-55, dual 6800ULTRA PCI-E video cards, etc.). Anyways, I've had the machine for about two weeks now and have nothing to say but great things about the computer and the service I've received. The wiring and build quality is superb, the machine has been very stable (despite incredibly bleeding-edge technology), and I simply can't believe how fast it is. Anyway, please don't hesitate to order from Digital Storm. Their prices are good compared to most boutique dealers, the machines are rock-solid, and most importantly, they stand behind their products. I definitely won't hesitate to order from them again in the future. - Wirt Bowles, CA

Amazing. I just can't say enough excellent things, very easy to talk to on the phone and great value! I received my computer with everything well done, it was amazing. I never got this much value with my Dell system. I will definitely be purchasing all of my computers from Digital Storm and telling all of my family! A special thanks to Joseph for spending time with me! =) - Dale Lao, VA

I just received my computer system from them. Everything was packed really well a huge padded box. My tower looks awesome!!! The side window shows the neat cabling job and the internal lighting is a must see. Really glad I got my tower from them, shipped in three business days from my day of order, now that is very fast!!! I even got a call today from Allen to ensure my computer system arrived safely. - Hank Dougherty, CA

I had a great experience with Digital Storm and I just have to let everyone know about it. I have been looking for a computer system for a couple of months and decided to go with Digital Storm after careful reading. The sales people are very helpful and I had no problem reaching the sales or customer service department. Anyways, Joseph helped me configure a great computer system over the phone and even emailed me the specs so I could look over teh parts and call back tomorrow to order. The next day, any questions I had Joseph had quick answers to, i was impressed. These guys know what they are doing. I ordered my computer system, received my email notifications and my system shipped in four business days! I got the computer system in less than a week. These guys are quick, fast, and great. The computer system arrived in a huge padded box and everything was nicely packaged. The computer system has been rock solid ever since I had it and it looks great. Thanks guys, I will definitely recommend you to my friends. - Ravi Sawhney, NY

Great service, Although it did take 15 days to be shipped. I'm still satified what they have came out with. I would shop here again. - Rob Stevenson, WA

I was amazed by the cosmetics on the gaming systems. No one else offered such a great looking customized system at a budget I could actually afford. Got my system two weeks after the day of the order and fired it up. Everything was great, the customized user manual was a nice touch. It had all the manuals and cds that came with my parts all neatly tucked in one easy to access binder. I also had experienced Digital Storm's customer service, it is one of the best to deal with. Very friendly and knowledge people. - Pius Gross, OR

What can i say awsome system very nice people to deal with speedy turn around .I will definatly do biusness with this company in the future.The system is flawless in every way it refuses to crash i am very pleased . Thnx for the job well done! - Rech Cultip, NY

After several months of pricing different systems, I used a link on SharkeyExtremes web site to chk out digitalstorms systems & prices. They had the best prices on a 64bit processor & MB w/HyperX Ram that I had seen, was concerned about being located on West Coast and I'm land locked in PA...but all turned out well w/fast delivery and subsquent support to replace a bad stick of Ram. System is rock stable and the Co's follow up tele. call to follow up on any problems is indicative of a superior company. This is a very competative field and this Co. has taken that extra step too ensure customer satisfaction, I am truly amazed. - Lan Howard, TX

I did not have a clue about what stuff I would need for my purchase, so I gave them a call. I spoke with one of thier reps, Johnson and he was very helpful. We spent about a hour about which components I would need to do the stuff I wanted. Everything was great, I received the system within a week. There quality and speed is amazing. They take only three days to build your system and burn-in test it. Other companies like, Dell, Gateway, Hypersonic, etc take at least a week to a month for customized computers. - Charles Jean, NY

Digital Storm has a wide selection for purchasing a computer system. I was interested in the new AMD Athlon FX processors. I called them and told them what I needed in a computer and they gladly helped me. I was amazed by their service, we spent over a hour on the phone and the sale representative even walked me through placing the order. Once I got my computer, it came in two boxes. Everything was installed, all I had to do was turn it on and surf the net. I got to admit, Digital Storm is very professional. - Kelan Luptak, CA

I was very worried about ordering computer parts online, but after talking to a few support people from Digital Storm, I was confident about ordering online. Everything went by fast, the order was shipped the same day, and I Received it the next week. When I got it, they had sent the wrong color floppy, but after calling Support they straightened everything out, and I was really appreciative that they did this for me. - Robert Torres, MA

Extremely knowledgeable staff recommended less-expensive parts than I'd chosen given their experience that the more costly parts would not provide additional speed or stability. I went the Digital Storm route and let me tell you that this machine is an absolute beast! I have a feeling it will be a long time after the 3 year warrantly expires when I'll run into any problems! - Russel Steffy, NY

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