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Digital Storm ODE Level 3 CNET Member Special

Digital Storm ODE

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NVIDIA GTX 590 3GB Graphics
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The Perfect Gaming PC

The ODE is a dramatic departure from Digital Storm's legendary and individually customized gaming rigs. Now, PC gamers can easily acquire the best technology without having to select each individual component, as Digital Storm has pre-selected and fully optimized all of the hardware inside the ODE. The result is the perfect gaming PC that delivers unparalleled performance per dollar.


The ODE demolishes any game it encounters thanks to its arsenal of bleeding edge hardware. Spearheaded by a liquid cooled extreme overclocked Intel i7 2600K processor, NVIDIA's new next-gen graphic technology, and a blazingly fast Intel solid state drive, the ODE delivers the type of fluid smooth graphics gamers drool over.

ODE Drive Bays

Build it Yourself?

There are many reasons to build your own rig, but with the ODE, saving money is no longer one of them. The ODE incorporates the best technology and performance without breaking the bank. The money you may save by building it yourself is eaten away by the time you spend: ordering the parts, putting it together, installing Windows and drivers, and overclocking it. The ODE is ready for you the day you purchase it, with no testing or assembly required, just take it out of the box and dominate the competition.

Ready To Go

Each and every ODE is made with the same boutique level quality and care that every Digital Storm system is famous for. The ODE is pre-built and fully loaded with a perfectly balanced configuration that can ship in 3-5 business days.
  • » Chassis Customization

  • Chassis Model:

  • Exterior Finish:

  • Trim Accents:

  • » Core Components

  • Processor:

  • Motherboard:

  • System Memory:

  • Power Supply:

  • » Storage / Connectivity

  • Expansion Bay:

  • Hard Drive Set 1:

  • Set 1 Raid Options:

  • Hard Drive Set 2:

  • Hard Drive Set 3:

  • Optical Drive 1:

  • Optical Drive 2:

  • Internet Access:

  • » Graphics / Multimedia

  • Video Card(s):

  • Add-on Card:

  • Sound Card:

  • » Digital Storm Engineering Lab

  • Extreme Cooling:

  • H20 Tube Color:

  • Chassis Airflow:

  • Internal Lighting:

  • Enhancements:

  • Chassis Mod's:

  • Noise Reduction:

  • LaserMark:

  • » Digital Storm TwisterBoost Technology

  • CPU Boost:

  • Video Boost:

  • Memory Boost:

  • OS Boost:

  • » Software

  • Windows OS:

  • Recovery Tools:

  • Virus Protection:

  • Office Suite:

  • Game:

  • » Accessories / Goodies

  • Display:

  • Surge Protector:

  • Audio:

  • Keyboard:

  • Mouse:

  • External Storage:

  • T-Shirt:

  • » Customer Care & Digital Storm Difference

  • Warranty Plan:

  • Technical Support: Tech SupportLife-time U.S. based technical support and customer service by our own in-house technicians

  • Upgrades: UpgradesLife-time labor free upgrades for component upgrades purchased directly from Digital Storm

  • Assembly: AssemblyHand built by the industry's most skilled technicians using premium grade components

  • Stress-Testing: Stress TestingStrict 72-hour stress-testing and benchmarking to ensure rock solid stable operation

  • Quality Control: Quality ControlAnalyzed by an extremely dedicated production manager that is obsessed with perfection

  • Special Packaging: Special PackagingExpanding StormShield foam to protect and secure internal components from shipping abuse

  • Certificate of Ownership: Certificate of OwnershipPersonalized Certificate of Ownership for your new specialized Digital Storm system signed by our engineers

  • » Priority Build Service

  • Priority Build:


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The Elite Standard

Digital Storm has a predominant reputation for delivering the fastest and most expertly crafted and supported computers in the market. Watch our "Why Digital Storm" video below:

Extensively Tested

Every single computer undergoes a thorough 72-hour stress test to ensure that your system does not encounter any bottlenecking performance issues.

Testing a PC

Top Quality Components

All systems are built with only the highest quality components to maximize your applications performance and to extend the longevity of your system.


Our Philosophy: The Way


The Holy Grail for any customer is finding a company that has the Trifecta: stellar price, quality products and great customer service. We have all 3.


You can trust that when you have an issue with your computer, even if it has-been 2 years, Digital Storm will take care of you. You'll always speak to someone who is based in the U.S. for the entire life-time of your computer.


We only offer the best hardware. We filter the good from the bad because we don't want our customer's to have an unreliable product.

Service & Support

U.S. Based Direct Expert Service and Support

Service and SupportDigital Storm provides a dedicated in-house U.S. based support team that will resolve any technical issues efficiently.




"A+ BBB" Reputation

BBB A+ Rated

Digital Storm has been in the high performance computer market for nearly 10 years and has retained an A+ rating from the U.S. Better Business Bureau because of its dedication to customer service and quality.











Industry Awards