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Help on a new build..

Post Date: 2012-05-06

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  Quote brianj Quote  Post ReplyReply bullet Topic: Help on a new build..
    Posted: 06 May 2012 at 11:15am
Hello everyone,

First post here! I'm looking to buy a new no compromise gaming monster. I also surf the web and watch 3D blueray movies but the main focus is and will always be playing the latest games at the highest settings! So.. What else.. I'm not super rich or anything but I have a good job and I stretch (give or take)5K for my next rig.. Right on! Before we start though I will tell you a few things to consider:

- For the foreseeable future I will *ONLY* play @ 1080P 2D 60hz, 720p 3D 60hz and watch bluerays at 1080P 24hz. No multimonitor setup, 3D surround yada yada yada.. Unfortunately

- I willing to spend good money on my new gaming rig, but it doesn't mean that I like to flush money down the toilet for a 3% difference.

- Non negotiable part are the hailstorm case with the corsair 1200W supply. I know it might be an overkill even for a 690, but I like to have enough juice.. just in case;-)

This is what I know.. Here is what I dont't.

- 2600K, 3930K OR 3770K. More specifically. What platform is better for hardcore gaming and why.

- 4 core with the stage 3 OC or 6 core with lower OC. Will games in the foreseeable future take advantage of the extra 2 cores?

- To raid or not to raid.. Is really worthed for gaming and overall system snap/responsiveness? Thinking to go dual 530.

- Is true that Ivy runs too hot? Meaning less headroom for DS techs to play with, right? So 2600K and 3930K OC better?

- Will a 690 be an overkill in my situation? I do wanna buy the best/fastest video card I can afford at the moment.

- Memory 8 or 16? Should I go all the way down to the dominator GTX?

- I initially wanted to go Aaaaall the way to H2Ocustom cooling waterloops bla bla bla.... But I dont really have the timen(nor the skills for that matter) to maintain, refill.. So I thought the H100 looks a good compromise! What you guys think?

- lastly there is extreme motherboard coming up soon for the Z77 platform?

I'm looking forward for any advice, comment... Thanks in advance!

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Senior Member
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  Quote tju76 Quote  Post ReplyReply bullet Posted: 06 May 2012 at 12:36pm
i dont think you will have much trouble maintaining the watercooling on the custom. "do you check your gas gauge everytime you start your car?" same idea, and refiling with the xcps dual bay is easy. so dont let that discourage you  
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  Quote bprat22 Quote  Post ReplyReply bullet Posted: 06 May 2012 at 1:06pm
Hi brianj...Welcome to the forums.  
Heres' a build that gives you what you need and nothing you don't.
Config # 684951    Cost $ 3665
Chassis Model: Special Deal Hot Seller - Black OPS HailStorm Edition
Exterior Finish: - Standard Factory Finish
Trim Accents: - Standard Factory Finish
Processor: Intel Core i7 3770K 3.50 GHz (Unlocked CPU) (Quad Core) (Requires Z77 Motherboard)
Motherboard: ASUS P8Z77-V DELUXE (Intel Z77 Chipset) (Higher Overclocks and Unique Wi-Fi Features)
System Memory: 8GB DDR3 1600MHz Digital Storm Certified Performance Series (Highly Recommended) (Hand Tested)
Power Supply: 1200W Corsair Pro Gold Series (CMPSU-1200AX) (Dual/Triple/Quad SLI Compatible)
Expansion Bay: - No Thanks
Hard Drive Set 1: Operating System: 1x (180GB Solid State (By: Intel) (Model: 520 Series)
Set 1 Raid Options: - No Thanks
Hard Drive Set 2: Multimedia\Data: 1x (1TB Western Digital Caviar (7200 RPM) (Model: Black Edition)
Hard Drive Set 3: Backup\Misc.: - No Thanks
Optical Drive 1: DVD-R/RW/CD-R/RW (DVD Writer 24x / CD-Writer 48x)
Optical Drive 2: - No Thanks
Internet Access: High Speed Network Port (Supports High-Speed Cable / DSL / Network Connections)
Video Card: 1x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 4GB (Includes PhysX)
Add-on Card: - No Thanks
Sound Card: Integrated Motherboard Audio
Extreme Cooling: AIR: Stage 2: Noctua NH-D14 SE2011 Extreme Performance
H20 Tube Color:- Not Applicable, I do not have a FrostChill or Sub-Zero LCS Cooling System Selected
Chassis Airflow: Standard Factory Chassis Fans
Internal Lighting: - No Thanks
Enhancements: - No Thanks
Chassis Mods: - No Thanks
Noise Reduction: - No Thanks
LaserMark: - No Thanks
Boost Processor: Stage 2: Overclock CPU 4.5GHz to 4.8GHz (Requires Pro/Deluxe/Sabertooth Motherboard)
Boost Video Card: - No Thanks, Please do not overclock my video card(s)
Boost Memory: - No Thanks, Please do not overclock my memory
Boost OS: - No Thanks, Please do not tweak the services on the operating system
Windows OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium (64-Bit Edition)
Recovery Tools: Windows Recovery Toolkit (Bundled with Windows 7 CD)
Virus Protection: - No Thanks
Office: - No Thanks
Game: - No Thanks
Display: - No Thanks
Surge Shield: - No Thanks
Speakers: - No Thanks
Keyboard: - No Thanks
Mouse: - No Thanks
External Storage: - No Thanks
Exclusive T-Shirt: FREE: Digital Storm T-Shirt - Black (Large)
Priority Build: - No Thanks, Ship Within 10-15 Business Days After Order Is Successfully Processed
Warranty: Life-time Expert Customer Care with 3 Year Limited Warranty


The X79 platform is for those that video render, CS6, 3D editing, etc.  Gaming doesn't need the quad channel mobo or 6 core i7-3930k chip.  I don't see it  needed for some time if ever but it's impossible to tell.

The HafX case is the best for air cooled systems but you said no compromise so I'm not gonna bore ya.
The over heating with IB is with oc above 4.8 if I read it right.  For oc stage 2 you're good to go from what I've read and what Alex from DS stated from their own testing.  Higher than that should be water anyways IMHO. 
I don't get into the plus and minus of RAID as much as others but for performance gain it would seem the speed of todays SSD would nullify it.
Ivy Bridge does give a 10-15% everyday performance increase and Pcie 3.0  and  much improved integrated gpu that gaming with discrete card like this wouldn't care about.
 The Z77 mobo's have Native USB 3, easier oc and fan control in a easier to navigate Bios window, pcie3.0 support, etc.  Most of these you probably won't use but it has all that 2600k  has and more so why not. 
8GB ram is all gaming can use.
The H100 will do the job just fine.  No maintenance and stays quiet if left on low or medium setting.  We like the air cooler better.  The D14 or Phanteks cools just as good , stays quiet and iis very relaible.  Not much to go wrong with a big block of cooling fins.  The H100 is good though, so your pick as always.
I believe there is a Z77 Extreme coming out but I have no info.
You didn't mention monitor size but for 24" at 1920x1080 the gtx690 is overkill for most games.  However games like BF3 and Metro2033 on ultra settings will dip into the low 50's at times with single gtx680.  So if above 60fps plus, at all times on ultra asettings is the goal then the extra 680 inside the 690 is necessary to keeps the extra 10-15 fps. 
Hope this helps and good luck.Big%20SmileBig%20Smile

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  Quote brianj Quote  Post ReplyReply bullet Posted: 06 May 2012 at 5:36pm
Thanks a lot for the advice everyone! Apologies for not being more specific about the monitor. I'm "stuck" with those resolutions because I'm on a Sony 46" 3DTV. Most of the times i will be playing @ 1080P(2D). Unfortunately my TV supports 3D/60hz only @ 720p.. Oh, and thanks for the clarification by the way. As i dont do any graphic or design work I will go for quadcore, either sandy or ivy. Now about the memory.. Is there any benefit going from 1600 to 2000 mhz for gaming? I read the dominator GTX are like the enthusiast's holy grail.. Anyway.. I really would love to go for the "real deal" H2O cooling system.. However I simply don't have the time/patience/skills to drain the whole system if I need to upgrade the CPU/Mobo. And send it back to the DS is not an option since I'm not in the US at the moment..

Edited by brianj - 06 May 2012 at 9:03pm
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  Quote FrankW Quote  Post ReplyReply bullet Posted: 07 May 2012 at 8:01am
Hi brianj,

bprat22 has given you good advise and a great system.

However, since he didn't talk about the Hailstorm case I have some comments. The Hailstorm is a great case for liquid cooling. It is not a great case for air cooling. Even if you use the H100 cooler for the CPU your GPU will be air cooled. The Hailstorm has never been a good case for air cooling normal GPUs but you have selected the 690. The 690 has one 680 that dumps its heat directly into the case compounding the problems with air cooling in the Hailstorm. So we have the H100 blowing warm air into the case and the 690 blowing hot air into the case and the case is not the best choice for air cooling.


Edited by FrankW - 07 May 2012 at 8:03am
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Joined: 06 May 2012
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  Quote brianj Quote  Post ReplyReply bullet Posted: 07 May 2012 at 5:27pm
Hi Frank,

wow... i didn't know that! Thanks for the info! I really love the look of that case though:-( Of course, performance always come first.. I guess that the next best choice would be the HAF X or the syndicate(I don't really like the latter one though)?
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