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AMD Radeon R9 295X2 and R9 290X Hybrid Crossfire Review - Multi GPU Scaling

AMD Radeon R9 295X2 and R9 290X Hybrid Crossfire Review


Everyone knows that multiple-GPU scaling in the past has been horrendous. However, a long time has passed so we decided to put the latest drivers to the test. For our benchmarks, we got the new R9 295X2 and CrossFire'd it together with the R9 290X to see just how well the cards scaled.

Being that the R9 295X2 is a dual-GPU card and the R9 290X is a single-GPU card, we expected there to be some driver issues. To our surprise, however, the three GPUs ran together flawlessly.

The test bench consisted of an Intel 4960X running at 4.6Ghz on an ASUS Maximus Extreme Black motherboard. We also used 32B of Corsair Dominator Platinum memory running at 1866MHz and a 500GB Velociraptor drive. Under load, the system was pulling about 1097 watts from the wall measured using a kill-a-watt.


Being one of the most popular franchises to date, Battlefield 4 is the latest addition to the series that takes full advantage of the latest hardware. For our settings, we set everything to Ultra with 4x MSAA enabled.

The Crysis series has always been a staple in the benchmarking world. Considered to be one of the most demanding games out on the market, we put the card through a variety of in game scenarios to determine the average frame rate. For the settings we used 4X MSAA, Very High graphics.

Widely used to test the capability of a GPU, Heaven benchmark puts maximum stress on the GPU allowing you to check stability issues and real time performance of the card. It also generates real-time in game video that gives the user an accurate reading of the cards capability. The settings that we used to test the cards were as follows: High Quality, 4x Multisample Anti-Aliasing, and Normal Tessellation.

3DMark Fire Strike offers extensive features and unbiased results by testing the full potential of DirectX 11 hardware. It is considered to be the best option out there when trying to find out the power of one’s computer as it tests both the graphics and physics capabilities of a GPU.


After conducting our tests, it's safe to say that multiple-GPU scaling is definitely a lot better than before. Going from one, to two, to even three GPUs showed no issues on the Hawaii graphics cards. Even though we mixed a dual-GPU card and a single-GPU card, there were no hiccups besides having to turn off the monitor and back on after enabling CrossFire.

If you are running a multiple-display setup or even a 4K monitor, we would highly recommend choosing a 3-GPU setup for an insane gaming experience.


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