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Best Indie Games for Gaming Laptops

Best Indie Games for Gaming Laptops

In recent years, indie games have become incredibly popular in PC gaming. Some of these games translate better than others on gaming laptops. Games that can be played in more “bite-sized” chunks, focus less on frantic mouse clicks, and those which are not graphically demanding are better suited for gamers using laptops. Below are just a few of the myriad indie games that hold up incredibly well on gaming laptops.

1. Papers, Please.

This is one of the more unique games to come out as of late. Papers, Please puts you in the shoes of an immigration officer in the fictional dystopian state of Arstotzka. As you man the border of your glorious communist nation, you’ll be tasked with determining whether the individuals who seek entry into the country are terrorists, criminals, smugglers, or just normal, hard-working people looking to move to a new country. You’ll search for discrepancies in their papers and conduct interrogations when you have suspicions about certain individuals. The game is surprisingly tense, despite having no real “action” sequences. The game’s design lends well to a mobile format, making it the perfect option for a gaming laptop. If you’re looking for a tense, story-driven thriller on the go, Papers, Please is the game for you.

2. F.T.L. (Faster Than Light)

Typically I would not recommend a game that relies on rapid mouse clicks to succeed for a laptop gamer, but F.T.L. translates very well to laptops primarily using a touchpad. F.T.L. is a rogue-like game (randomly generated levels, permanent death, tile-based graphics) that puts you in control of your very own spaceship destined to save the galaxy. You’ll be forced to make some difficult decisions throughout the course of your mission: will you re-route your system’s power to prepare your weapons to blow away your enemy, or will you instead split your system’s power to beef up your shields while you charge up your engines to escape the scuffle? Each battle/interaction is brief, making this an ideal game for someone who is traveling (or squeezing in some quality gaming time during class—don’t worry, we won’t tell).

3. Prison Architect

Ever dream of running your own prison? Me neither, but this game sure does make it seem like a fun job! Prison Architect handles remarkably well on laptops, and offers engaging gameplay that can be experienced in either long or brief sessions. You have full reign over your very own prison; you hire all of the personnel, construct cell blocks, dining halls, execution chambers, etc., and ultimately decide the fate of some of the higher profile inhabitants of your felonious shelter. Be sure to read the charges for every prisoner—you’ll get a kick out of some of the humorous crimes your inmates have committed. The graphics aren’t demanding, so it won’t be a burden on your system (or your battery), making Prison Architect an excellent option for the micromanager on the go.

4. Kerbal Space Program

The main goal of these machines is not to directly compete with gaming desktops and laptops, but rather, home consoles. Currently, the price ranges of these devices range anywhere from $500 to $6,00One of my favorite indie games to come out in recent years, Kerbal Space Program puts you in control of your very own space program. Think NASA with goofy little green men. You’ll recruit new astronauts and train them for missions into orbit around Kerbin (your home planet), as well as to the Mun (Kerbal’s version of the moon). You’re in complete control of designing your own space shuttles and Mun rovers, making this game an excellent choice for the creative type (or someone with an extensive knowledge of physics). But be warned: you’ll encounter a lot of trial and error in the beginning; I lost quite a few brave astronauts before learning how to properly construct a shuttle. Despite the countless failed missions—some of which didn’t even make it 30 feet off the ground—I had a blast (ha!) the whole time. Because Kerbal is a slower paced, sandbox type game, it translates well to laptops primarily using a touchpad for clicking/dragging.0—yes, $6,000. Unlike traditional consoles, though, this range allows users to choose a system that is specifically designed for their gaming needs. Hardcore gamers will opt for more powerful/expensive systems, while more casual gamers will lean towards the lower-end models. This allows a flexibility not present in other home consoles.

5. Endless Space

This is the most ambitious game on the list. Endless Space is actually quite simple to describe: think “Civilization in space.” You’ll start on a small home planet after selecting your race, each of which has its own advantages/disadvantages. Victory can be achieved in a number of ways. Are you a pacifist? Dominate the galaxy through science, economics, or diplomacy. Do you consider yourself more of a war hawk? Then you’ll want to achieve victory by either expansion or domination. The graphics in the game are simple, yet beautiful, and a gaming laptop will have no issues running Endless Space. The game primarily uses mouse clicks to make decisions, but using a touchpad offers no hindrance; you’re given ample time between clicks, so it isn’t exactly a frantic click-fest. For long trips, or just long gaming sessions in bed, Endless Space is an excellent option for the mobile strategist.

These are just a few of the many available indie game options that translate well to gaming laptops. Be sure to check out some of Digital Storm’s numerous options for powerful gaming laptops that’ll run any of these games (as well as more demanding ones) with ease.

What are some of your favorite indie games to play on your laptop? Let us know in the comments below!

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