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Gaming Internships 101 - What to expect, How to get started

Gaming Internships 101

So, you’re interested in starting a career in the video game industry, are you? It’s an exciting field that only seems to be growing every day. PC gaming, console gaming, mobile gaming—there are so many ways to break into the field.

Sure, you could look to Kickstarter, try to fund your own indie game, and break into the field that way, but that may not be your best bet. Nothing will ever trump field experience; employers are always looking for candidates who have already done some work in the industry. A degree in video game design will look great on a resume, but it may not be enough. You may want to consider a gaming internship.

What Internship is Best for Me?

If you’re serious about getting into the gaming industry, you should consider looking for an internship around your junior year. But, before you sell your soul to any one particular internship program, you should first figure out exactly what it is you want to do in the gaming industry.

For example, do you want to be a video game designer? If you’re interested in becoming the “director” for a number of video games, you’ll want to find an internship that ties into game design. This type of internship will allow you to see exactly what game designers do, and just how tough their job is.

Maybe game design isn’t your thing. Maybe you’d rather be more involved behind the scenes, as a programmer. With these internships, you’ll learn the ins and outs of programming video game physics engines or graphics engines.

Another sometimes-overlooked area of video game development is sound and music. If you like to create music and have experience working with digital sound recording, you might want to consider checking out what it’s like to work in the sound department of a video game studio.

What Should I Expect?

Coffee runs, pizza runs, bagel runs—you’re basically going to be a waiter.

Just kidding. A good internship program won’t actually be anything like what you see in movies or on TV shows. Getting into a reputable internship program (some of which will be listed below) will actually show you the ropes of your chosen area of interest in the realm of gaming.

If you do find an internship in your area of interest, you’ll actually be able to do real work on actual company projects. While you won’t be doing any critical or “eye-catching” work, you’ll have the opportunity to gain real world experience while building your resume. You’ll have the opportunity to be mentored by a professional in your chosen area of study. And you'll probably do a lot of alpha/beta play-testing for bugs.

The experience you gain will be great, but the contacts are invaluable. While you’re completing your internship, be sure to network as much as possible. Establishing contacts in the field is one sure way to guarantee landing a job after college. The more people within the company you become close with, the more references and recommendations you’ll have when you’re sending out your resume and applications. And who knows, if you make a good enough mark and like where you completed your internship, you may even end up with a job offer from them.

So, How Do I Get Started?

Now that you know your area of interest and you know what to expect from your internship, it’s time to find a company looking for interns. A number of major video game developers are always on the lookout for interns, and some of them will actually pay you.

EA offers several internship and co-op opportunities to college students, all of which are paid. This means you’ll gain knowledge and cash. Also, your name will be included in the credits for any game you worked on during your internship.

Sony also has a number of internship opportunities for the fledgling developer. The internships they offer aren’t paid, but span a great deal of categories, from music to legal internships.

You can check the websites of any development studio directly to see what internships they offer. Your college’s career center can also be a great resource. Prospective interns should also check internet job boards, such as,, and for available internships.

Are you interested in a game internship? Or, have you completed one and have some tips to share with someone considering an internship? Let us know in the comment section!

Also, if you’re trying to fund your education, Digital Storm is now offering a $1,000 scholarship to help further your goals! Be sure to check it out and apply!

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