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Gaming PCs: An Electronic Swiss Army Knife

If you're like me, you've probably invested some serious cash into your PC to make it gaming grade. But have you ever considered what else your machine is capable of? I'm not talking about writing a paper or browsing the Internet I'm talking about development and designing tasks. Here just a few of the capabilities your gaming PC may possess that you might not be aware of.

3D Modeling

Your computer is a machine capable of rendering 3D models at lightning-quick speeds; it also updates those models in real time. Having a powerful graphics card and processor will allow you to handle all the polygons needed to create and render 3D animation. Multi-core processors are amazing for compiling scenes quickly, and we live in a world where quad-core processors are becoming the norm in gaming PCs. Newer CPUs with even more cores are beginning to emerge as well.


In addition to 3D modeling, your gaming PC can handle videos. Whether you want to convert a video or edit and compile your own, a powerful PC will perform much better than an average one. Again, having more cores helps more efficiently balance out the workload when the computer is rendering the final video. The graphics card plays less of a role with this task, but it's still helpful if your card is strong.


If your computer has a nice sound card and set of speakers (or headphones), then it will be great for creating or mixing audio. High-quality audio components installed in your PC allow you to hear sounds at their purest and are designed to comply with similar multiple-speaker set-ups. You should, however, make sure it works with lower quality set-ups.

A good quality microphone can help too. The higher the quality, the better the captured audio sounds. A top-notch microphone is helpful in situations where you are creating audio from scratch or need to do a voice-over for a video. People who are serious about doing Let's Play videos, acapella videos, or other videos along those lines eventually invest in top-of-the-line microphones at some point.


If you're interested in programming, you will also benefit from having a powerful machine. Smaller applications and programs don't take much time to compile, but large programs are another story. Large applications can take a long time to compile -- which makes faster processing all the more essential when you have to recompile over and over again. Just like video or 3D rendering, having powerful cores will hasten the compilation process. Programming is time-consuming enough without having to sit and wait for a program to compile. Essentially, with a fast computer you can get more done, faster.


Gaming PCs are amazing multitasking machines. They have the resources to keep multiple programs open and running at the same time. Even better, if your rig has more than one monitor, multitasking becomes second nature over time. Personally, I find it hard to go back to a single monitor after years of having two. There's just a ton of convenience with multi-display set-ups for gaming and general computer use. The same holds true for production-oriented tasks: Minimizing a window to bring up another may seem like a trivial task, but done over and over and over again, the time adds up. It can also be a little distracting. Having two essential windows up simultaneously will increase productivity.

Multitasking goes beyond productivity, too. If you like to complete your activities in as little time as possible, your gaming PC can be a big help. Do you feel the need to beat a ton of games but still want to watch all those TV shows your friends keep talking about? Fret not! Your computer can play a game on one screen and the TV show on the other.

In short, your PC that was built for gaming was actually built to handle much, much more. Computers are capable of doing many things. The more powerful the machine, the better and more efficient it will be at performing any task. There are certainly many more uses for your computer than those mentioned here, but this list should give you an idea of the potential your behemoth computer holds.

What else do you use your gaming desktop or gaming laptop for? Comment below with your answers.

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