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(Mother) Board Games: Board Games and Their PC Counterparts

(Mother) Board Games: Board Games and Their PC Counterparts

Playing board games can be a fun and challenging social experience with both friends and family alike. But, as we all know, setting up, keeping track of, and cleaning up everything involved in a board game can be a tall task. Below is a list of some board games and their PC game counterparts for those days that you really don’t feel like cleaning up a mess—or dealing with other people.

Twilight Imperium and Endless Space

Created in 2005, Fantasy Flight Games’ Twilight Imperium is a strategy board game enthusiasts dream come true. The game includes a massive, randomly created star map that features a number of planets, moons, comets, warp zones, etc. Players select one of many races, each with their own special abilities, to work to collect resources to win the game in various ways: you can win by completing a certain number of predetermined objectives, eradicating other players, holding a certain amount of planets/tiles, etc. Players can forge alliances with one another, and then break them at an opportune moment. This one, much like heated games of Risk or Monopoly, can really ruin a friendship.

If you like Twilight Imperium (or games similar to it), Endless Space is pretty much a no-brainer. Much like Twilight Imperium, players choose one of nine unique races and try to achieve pre-determined victory conditions on a randomly generated space map. You’ll colonize planets, bulk up your army, and do everything you can to be the most dominant civilization in the galaxy. The similarities are so striking, it’s hard to imagine the developers didn’t get at least some inspiration from Twilight Imperium. Board game strategists will love this one.

Monopoly and SimCity

We all love it; we all hate it. Monopoly is that one game we’ve all played at some point in our lives, leading to these mixed emotions. The game is a lot of fun; collecting properties and charging your friends and family to stay on your properties is extremely entertaining. But it’s long and luck can really screw up any strategy you might have going into the game. But, for some reason, we’re all drawn to marathon Monopoly sessions. Maybe it’s because we all one day dream of being millionaires who dominate the real estate industry.

If you like the idea of being a real estate tycoon and building your own city from scratch, SimCity is the best option for you. While it isn’t a carbon copy of Monopoly, you’ll still be tasked with constructing houses, hotels, businesses, etc., while managing your city’s finances. SimCity basically takes the core concepts of Monopoly and expands them to a massive scale. Plus, in SimCity, you won’t have to argue with anyone over who has to be the banker.

Zombies!!! and Left 4 Dead

Did you know there was a co-op zombie board game out there? Zombies!!!, a homage to classic B-movie zombie flicks, tasks players with surviving against the undead horde as they attempt to escape via helicopter. Players can either fight zombies (who are weak individually, but deadly in groups) or attempt to avoid combat altogether while collecting survival items on the board. Once the helipad tile is available, players can win the game by either killing 25 zombies, racing to the helicopter, or making a rush following the death of another player.

Left 4 Dead has players completing similar tasks. Each campaign features a large number of undead adversaries who stop at nothing to prevent the player from escaping the horde. While its board game counterpart at times rewards selfish behavior (such as allowing a player to die in order to reach the helicopter), Left 4 Dead is all about teamwork and ensuring everyone survives until the end. Much like Zombies!!!, Left 4 Dead is based heavily on classic zombie horror movies such as Night of the Living Dead. For the horror/zombie geeks out there, this board game/video game combo platter was made just for you.

Can you think of other board games that have video game counterparts? What are some of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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