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PC Gaming 101: Are High-End Peripherals Worth It?

All of those specialized gaming mice with a dozen extra buttons and multiple monitor setups sure would look great with your PC, but are they really going to add value to your experience? A lot of users have assumed that these high-end peripherals are strictly for hardcore gamers, and that you can’t get any real benefit out of them if you’re just interested in casual gameplay. This, as it turns out, isn’t necessarily true, as these peripherals aren’t just about becoming a better gamer.

They’re about customizing an experience to match your play style. Consider how upgrading some of the most important peripherals can impact your games, and then you can decide if they really offer enough value. There are a ton of options for high-quality peripherals, and you can end up investing a lot of money on them, so you need to make sure you’re getting plenty of value in return.


Gaming keyboards make it easy to manage long sequences of actions with custom macros and have keys that are responsive enough to react quickly for competitive play. While it is, indeed, possible to play any strategy, MMORPG, or FPS with a standard keyboard, once you’ve gotten used to some specific macros and the increased reaction time from a mechanical keyboard, you may suddenly feel like you’ve lost an arm if you ever have to go back to a generic model that’s only good for typing emails.


The mouse, probably more than anything else, can have a big impact on how you play your games. Finding the one that works for you means looking at the weight (how it glides across a surface), the sensitivity (does it have an adjustable DPI), and its form factor (is it comfortable enough to use for extended gaming sessions?).

The programmable buttons on a mouse may not be as important on a first person shooter as they are for a real time strategy game, so make sure you get the mouse that fits the type of games you play. You should also make sure it fits with your grip style, or you may end up in a world of discomfort as you begin to use it.

Multiple Monitors

While most of us understand the importance of a high-resolution monitor to complement our shiny new gaming PC, there’s a movement toward using multiple monitors to expand the experience. Again, while this isn’t strictly necessary for gamers, it will, literally, expand your horizons and show you more of the game world than you imagined. You’ll get a larger perspective in any game environment and experience a much more immersive and enjoyable gaming experience. The increased peripheral vision with three monitors can for example allow you to spot an enemy from the corner of your eye. Multiple monitors definitely are worth a consideration if your budget allows.


Effective communication with your team, raiding party, or friend in CO-OP can make or break a gaming session. While you may not need a top-of-the-line headset, you do need something you can rely on when things get intense. If you miss your orders, or can’t make out a warning because of poor audio quality or too much static, you might begin to find out that people don’t seem to think you understand how to play and what to do. A quality headset allows you to hear every detail and also feature noise cancellation technology to ensure others can hear you as clearly as possible. Plus, they tend to be much more comfortable for longer gaming sessions.

Are They Worth It?

In the end, you can’t escape the conclusion that the value of these peripherals depends on what games you play, how competitive you are, and if it’s in your budget. All of these peripherals bring something to the table that can change how you engage with your games, but that doesn’t make them indispensible. They present a lot of options and alternatives, but they’re not required for play.

Remember that the gear itself won’t turn you into a better gamer – only practice will turn you into a competitive player – but they will change your experience to match your style. In the end, we’re all gamers to have a more enjoyable and immersive experience after all.

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