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Sennheiser GAME ZERO Gaming Headset Review

Sennheiser GAME ZERO Gaming Headset Review

Introduction and Specifications

Sennheiser is definitely not a new company when it comes to audio. Praised by many in the industry, Sennheiserís headphones have long been considered some of the best money can buy. With their latest gaming headset lineup, Sennheiser aims to provide gamerís with an audio solution that they deserve.

With an average retail price around $250 dollars, it might not fit into the casual gamerís budget but this headset is really meant for those who want an amazing gaming experience and donít mind spending a little bit more for a superior product.

Upon opening the outside box, youíll find a hard carrying case that houses the G4ME ZERO headset. The included case is definitely a big plus as it allows you to store your headphones when not in use as well as slip them in your backpack without fear of any damage.

The first thing that really stuck out after opening the pouch was seeing just how compact this headset was. It is a collapsible headset meaning the ear cups fold inwards to take up less space.

As far as color choice goes, the headset comes in either white or black such as the version we had in house.

We didnít have the white version to test so weíre just going to judge the fit and finish of the latest black version. The red accents on the headset definitely add a gamer touch and the non-glossy finish protects it from becoming a fingerprint magnet.

In addition, the overall industrial design of the headset does not look cheap and no one will mistake it for a bargain bin headset that you find at Walmart.

What separates this headset from the rest of the Sennheiser lineup is the included microphone. The flexible neck on the microphone makes it easy to re-adjust to fit to your face and the added noise-cancelling feature does a pretty good job.

The microphone does mute itself when you flip it to the upright position but one feature we would like to see is a removable mic. Obviously this is a gaming headset and you will be likely using it for gaming 90% of the time, but having a removable mic makes it look more casual so you can take it on the go and not look out of place.

On the opposite side of the microphone youíll find the volume control knob that makes it very easy to adjust the volume on the fly. Since this isnít a USB headset, it doesnít control the actual Windows volume but rather the power going to the drivers.

Overall, the GAME ZERO headset is definitely a solid built piece of equipment. The plastic does not feel cheap and all of the joints on the headset are metal as opposed to plastic. One thing we would like to see is a removable cable but since they wonít likely be leaving your PC it shouldnít really matter. The cable itself is 3 meters long and uses the standard 3.5mm jacks for the microphone and headphone connections.

When it comes to comfort, this headset was probably one of our favorites. The headband is very flexible and doesnít seem like it will break after multiple wears. In addition, the leatherette material used on the ear cups and headband are very plush and donít put much stress on your ears.

Because the majority of the headset is made of plastic it also means that it is fairly light. After multiple gaming sessions, we didnít feel any strain on our ears and it felt just as comfortable when we put it first on. We do appreciate the over-the-ear design as it allows better noise isolation and comfort.

Sound Quality


These are 150ohm headphones so the impedance is quite high as compared to the average gaming headset. If you really want the true audio experience, youíre going to either want an amplifier or sound card for the best quality as most on-board solutions wonít be able to keep up.

A unique quality about the drivers on the GAME ZERO headset is that they are angled inwards so the sound fires towards your ears as opposed to centered like other headphones. It is a closed=back headset so overall the sound stage on the headphones is pretty small.


For gaming, the GAME ZERO headset was a breeze to use. Everyone was crystal clear and many people asked what microphone I was using considering it was very clear. Although the bass isnít overpowering, thatís something we actually liked as it made gunshots more visible and put less focus on explosions.

Compared to our Audio Technica ATH M50s, we really enjoyed the soundstage on the GAME ZERO and we really felt immersed. Games like Battlefield and Titanfall were amazing as it made me feel like I was on the battlefield itself.


Music wise, we really enjoyed listening to Top 40 selections but it fell short on bass heavy music. For those of you who listen to a lot of Dubstep or other bass heavy music, you might be disappointed. For those of you who like more punchy bass, then the headset should be fine. Vocals are a hit or miss depending on the track and some guitar-riffs from Linkin Park seemed to be muffled.

You need to keep in mind that this is a gaming headset and it is definitely tuned to please while gaming.


In conclusion, the Sennheiser G4ME ZERO (GAME ZERO) headset is definitely one of the most comfortable headsets that we have ever used. The collapsible design makes it easy to transport and the sound quality was superb. For music, the G4ME ZERO is a hit-or-miss but for gaming, the headset blew everything out of the water.

We would have liked to see a removable mic and cable but itís not something that ruins the overall experience. Yes, the headset is quite expensive but you get what you pay for. If youíre serious about your audio, youíll definitely want to give these a listen. Backed by Sennheiserís two-year warranty, we have no problem recommending the GAME ZERO gaming headset to anyone.

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