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Top 10 Moments in PC Gaming

Console gamers like to brag about all of the awesome gaming moments they’ve experienced throughout the years. Well, PC gamers have a few of their own to brag about. Here are 10 of PC gaming’s greatest moments. WARNING: THIS LIST CONTAINS SPOILERS!

10. Wolfenstein 3D: Battle with MechaHitler – This certainly isn’t what I remembered learning about in history class! Considering that you spend most of the game hunting down Nazis, it’s only natural that the final boss is Hitler. However, instead of standing at a podium screaming in German, this re-imagination of Hitler has Der Fuhrer armed to the teeth with four machine guns and outfitted in a giant suit of armor. Good thing the Allies never had to face this monstrosity during the war!

9. Doom: Obtaining the BFG – The BFG. We all knew what it stood for, and when you were a kid it made you giddy to think about it. As the name implies, it’s a Big F***ing Gun. It’s the most powerful gun in each game in the series, and when you picked it up for the first time, you felt totally unstoppable. Hell, even the Cyberdemon didn’t scare you when you hoisted this bad boy up…OK, maybe he still did.

8. Bioshock: Entering Rapture – Picture it: Your plane crashes somewhere in the Atlantic forcing you struggle to reach the surface. You finally make it to the top and find a strange tower in the middle of the ocean. A banner reading, “No Gods or Kings. Only Man.” greets you as you enter the building. You find a small pod inside and take a submarine ride you’ll never forget; a scenic tour through the magnificent submerged city of Rapture. Don’t be fooled - you’ll soon discover the city isn’t quite so beautiful on the inside.

7. Half-Life 2: The Gravity Gun – This is probably the most entertaining weapon in video game history. Admit it, when you got the gravity gun, you hung around Ravenholm for as long as possible, and used it on everything in sight. (We won’t judge you. We all did it too.) There’s nothing quite as satisfying as cutting an enemy in two by launching a saw blade from your gravity gun right at its midsection.

6. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Slaying Your First Dragon – There’s a lot going on in this moment that helped this encounter score a place on the list. Let’s get the obvious reason out of the way first: You’re slaying a freaking dragon! There’s no way that couldn’t be awesome! Yet, Skyrim takes it a step further. Just after the dragon combusts into a spectacular display, you absorb its soul and learn that you are Dragonborn—the only person in Skyrim capable of defeating the resurgent dragons.

5. Fallout 3: The Megaton Decision – One of the biggest moral decisions in gaming history: dismantle the nuclear bomb at the center of Megaton or watch it vaporize the city from a distance. Sure, the spectacle of the utter destruction of Megaton is quite a sight and you get a sweet penthouse out of the deal, but are they really worth wiping out the city’s entire population? Choose wisely; this one will be on your conscience for a while.

4. System Shock 2: SHODAN’s Reveal – It’s 2114. You awaken with amnesia from a cryo-tube, unaware that the ship you’re aboard is infested with crew members who have been infected by strange alien eggs. During your attempt to get through the ship alive, a fellow survivor contacts you and guides you through the ship. She’s your only chance for survival… Or is she? After battling hundreds of infected crew members, you reach the woman who has been helping you all along -- only to discover that she has actually been dead the entire time. All along you’ve been guided by the malevolent artificial intelligence SHODAN, who manipulated you into helping her enact her twisted scheme.

3. Braid: The Ending – This was a shocker that no one saw coming. Braid had what appeared to be a simple story: a quest to save the girl. Pretty standard fare, right? Not so fast. The final level reveals something completely unexpected: you’re the bad guy. The level is designed perfectly; when played in one direction, you’re the hero trying to rescue your love from the “evil” knight, but in reality, she’s running toward the knight and away from you. Not exactly the happy ending you expected, huh?

2. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: Revan Revealed – Throughout the game you hear much about Darth Revan, the former Dark Lord of the Sith. One of the most powerful Force users in the universe, Revan betrayed the Jedi Order and formed the Sith Empire. While hunting his apprentice, Darth Malak (who betrayed Revan), your friends reveal something mind-blowing to you: you are Darth Revan. You come to learn that the Jedi Order captured you and rebuilt your mind, making you a loyal member of the Republic. How about that one for a plot twist?

1. WarCraft III: Arthas’ Betrayal – As a leader, Prince Arthas was generous to a fault and kind to all those who resided in his kingdom.  In an effort to eliminate the undead threatening his kingdom Arthas gave up everything to obtain the legendary – and haunted – sword, Frostmourne. For anyone who has played WarCraft III, the cutscene of Arthas’ return home is one that soon won’t be forgotten. Hauntingly beautiful opera music plays in the background as rose petals fall from the sky celebrating Arthas’ victory. The celebration was short lived, however, as Arthas went on to murder his father, the king, in cold blood. As his bloodied crown hits the ground, Arthas utters the chilling words, “This kingdom shall fall.”

There you have it, our top 10 PC gaming moments. Need something to play them on? Check out our award-winning gaming laptops and gaming desktops for more information. Have anything you’d like to see added to the list? Let us know in the comment section!

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