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Why a Laptop Should Be Your Next Gaming System

Gamers have high expectations when it comes to their systems, especially when they have the freedom of customizing any hardware configuration in a tower chassis. Due to this, many gamers simply dismiss the idea of using a portable gaming PC because of old myths stating you can’t get any decent performance from such a small and supposedly constricted device.

At Digital Storm, we understand the natural impulse towards gaming desktops versus a laptop when considering performance, but we want to prove that those myths are no longer true. Let me lay out my argument for why you should consider the idea of purchasing a custom gaming laptop as your next system. The performance, value, and convenience factor definitely make it an attractive choice.

1. The All-in-One Gaming Rig

High resolution screens, backlit keyboards, powerful processors, and large memory configurations all come together in a single machine. Laptop manufacturers have been stepping up their game by using better cooling solutions and quality components creating powerful laptops for intensive tasks such as gaming and multi-tasking.

This level of performance means your machine can handle anything you throw at it, may it be work or play Gaming laptops like the 17.3-inch x17 are way ahead of the pack. You won’t find regular notebooks that match the performance of a high-end Core i7 processor, 16GB of memory and a large dedicated SSD. They call these beasts “desktop replacements” for a reason; they’re as close as you can get to pushing all the power you could need for even the most intense gaming sessions or video rendering jobs.

2. The Freedom of Portability

Listen up kids, I remember the days when you had to drag your tower, monitor, accessories and your cables to your buddy’s basement for a LAN party. I would have killed for just a flat-screen back in the day, let alone a gaming notebook I could fit in my messenger bag!

I know it seems obvious to discuss portability when discussing laptops for gaming, but it’s a huge benefit that often gets dismissed. While online play has largely made portability less of an issue, competitive gamers can still benefit from transporting their personal system to competitions, a friend’s house, LAN, etc.

3. No Compromises on a Budget

Many people who buy a desktop rig also need a laptop for productivity on the go. Unfortunately, if you have to split your budget between two systems, you could end up with an underpowered gaming PC and a laptop that is barely adequate. If you focus all your resources on a single, powerful laptop though, you can get the power to handle all your games, run serious productivity suites, and still remain mobile.

4. Additional Custom Options

The other point that always comes up in the laptop vs. desktop debate is the ability to upgrade or modify the system. The computer industry changes fast and serious gamers often have very specific performance expectations, which can usually be taken care of through upgrades, overclocking and tweaks.

While it is true that desktops are easier to upgrade, our laptops are usually already packed to the gills with high-end components anyway. How do you upgrade when you’re already using top-of-the-line hardware? The same is true for a well-made gaming notebook.  Once you customize a powerful unit from the get-go, maxed out memory and smart features like dedicated SSDs and secondary storage mechanical drives (HDDs), your system is going to be running top-tier games for years to come.

5. Truly a Multi-Use System

The portability of a gaming laptop also means you are not limited to a single location or a single use. Yes, you could use it at a LAN or competition to dominate the leader boards, but there’s something to be said for a machine that can easily connect to any screen and act as a screaming high-definition media center. All of that graphics-processing muscle is perfect for pushing HD and even 2K/4K video to your display.

Many of us hang on to the traditional image of a gamer, hunched over a keyboard next to a desktop tower that looks like it came from another dimension. But our systems have reached a point where gamers don’t need to tie themselves to a desktop system alone. Don’t let this myth fool you, laptops are a viable option as your main gaming system.


This is a guest post contribution from Andy Houghton who enjoys sharing his knowledge about technology and computers. Andy also writes for Digital Storm, manufacturers of high performance gaming PCs.

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