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Why Use a Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse can do a lot to increase your chances in winning and enhancing your gaming skills. While most games let you get by with a standard, two-button, one-wheel mouse, if you want to play competitively you will need to step it up. There are a ton of features that can improve your gaming experience, from the special ergonomics to on the fly DPI-settings and even on-board profile storage. A gaming mouse can make a night and day difference in how enjoyable your gaming sessions can be and is an essential component when tricking out a true gaming PC.

Corsair Vengeance M60

The Vengeance M60 was designed for split-second, reactionary gaming of a modern first-person shooter. The DPI goes up to 5700 for extreme accuracy, but it is also adjustable in 100 DPI increments so you can customize it to fit your game-play style. There are 8 programmable buttons, which should be enough for even the most complex shooters, and the main left and right click switches have been rated for over 8 million clicks.

Playing at a competitive level requires a tight combination of finesse and speed, and the M60 can track up to 165 inches per second with up to 30g of acceleration. You can also select your preferred response time and even use the side-mounted button to set the DPI to a different level when you need some precision targeting in the heat of the moment. The ergonomic design, soft touch grip surface, and on-the-fly DPI button will definitely improve your FPS game play.

Corsair Vengeance M90

The Corsair Vengeance M90 is a good all-around mouse that is optimized for MMOs and real time strategy games. This is the mouse to use when you are faced with a lot of repetitive tasks or when you have to track and control a long series of actions throughout the game.

The M90 has 15 programmable buttons, five selectable levels of lift distance, a 5700 DPI that is adjustable on the fly in 100 DPI increments, and a user selectable response time. The M90 and the M60 are all about customizing the user input experience to help you get ahead of the competition.

Of course, once you get the mouse profile set up for one game, it can be a real annoyance when you have to reprogram it for another one. The M90 lets you get around this by letting you set up your configurations for many different games and then switch between those profiles right on the mouse. The onboard memory lets you store up to six profiles so you can quickly jump from game to game without having to change all the complex button configurations each time you want to play something different.

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