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Digital Storm x17 Gaming Laptop

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Intense Gaming Experience

The visually fascinating x17 laptop from Digital Storm is the ideal mobile powerhouse that every gamer has been looking for. Abandoning any desire to be satisfied with only playing games in low-resolutions, the x17 produces hyper-detailed graphics with its 17.3" 1080P LED back-lit display. Experience zero lag in the richest and most intense gaming environments with this superior gaming laptop from Digital Storm.

Stunning Graphics

The x17 delivers hyper-detailed gaming visuals. Experience mobile gaming in an entirely breathtaking format with the extreme performance provided by the x17's graphical arsenal that includes support for PhysX and DirectX 11 technology. The x17 also supports GPU enhanced applications so that you can rapidly transcode video or seamlessly edit large Photoshop files while you're on the road.

x17 Laptop
Processor and GPU

DDR3 Enhanced

The x17 is a multitasking pro thanks to its dual channel DDR3 memory configuration that can handle up to 16GB of 1600MHz DDR3 memory. With this much computing power, you'll experience drastically increased performance gains that allow you to fluidly transition between multiple applications providing an infinitely improved mobile experience.

Fully Equipped

The x17 comes readily equipped with a blazing fast USB 3.0 port, allowing you to transfer massive amounts of data to your laptop quickly. The x17 is also equipped with a HDMI output port that will allow you to experience HD video and HD games on larger screens with vivid detail.
  • Chassis Customization

  • Chassis Model:

  • Display:

  • Core Components

  • Processor:

  • Thermal Compound:

  • Memory:

  • Storage / Connectivity

  • mSATA SSD:

  • Storage Drive 1:

  • Storage Drive 2:

  • Optical Drive:

  • Wireless Card:

  • Graphics / Multimedia

  • Graphics Card(s):

  • Software

  • Windows OS:

  • Recovery Tools:

  • Virus Protection:

  • Office Suite:

  • Accessories & Goodies

  • Cooling Pad:

  • Extra Charger:

  • Extra Battery:

  • Carry Bag:

  • Audio:

  • Mouse:

  • T-Shirt:

  • Customer Care & Digital Storm Difference

  • Warranty Plan:

  • Technical Support: Tech SupportLife-time U.S. based technical support and customer service by our own in-house technicians

  • Upgrades: UpgradesLife-time labor free upgrades for component upgrades purchased directly from Digital Storm

  • Assembly: AssemblyHand built by the industry's most skilled technicians using premium grade components

  • Stress-Testing: Stress TestingStrict stress-testing and benchmarking to ensure rock solid stable operation

  • Quality Control: Quality ControlAnalyzed by an extremely dedicated production manager that is obsessed with perfection

  • Special Assembly / Testing Instructions

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The Elite Standard

Digital Storm has a predominant reputation for delivering the fastest and most expertly crafted and supported computers in the market. Watch our "Why Digital Storm" video below:

Extensively Tested

Every single computer undergoes a thorough stress test to ensure that your system does not encounter any bottlenecking performance issues.

Testing a PC

Top Quality Components

All systems are built with only the highest quality components to maximize your applications performance and to extend the longevity of your system.


Our Philosophy: The Way


The Holy Grail for any customer is finding a company that has the Trifecta: stellar price, quality products and great customer service. We have all 3.


You can trust that when you have an issue with your computer, even if it has-been 2 years, Digital Storm will take care of you. You'll always speak to someone who is based in the U.S. for the entire life-time of your computer.


We only offer the best hardware. We filter the good from the bad because we don't want our customers to have an unreliable product.

Service & Support

U.S. Based Direct Expert Service and Support

Service and SupportDigital Storm provides a dedicated in-house U.S. based support team that will resolve any technical issues efficiently.




"A+ BBB" Reputation

BBB A+ Rated

Digital Storm has been in the high performance computer market for nearly 10 years and has retained an A+ rating from the U.S. Better Business Bureau because of its dedication to customer service and quality.











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