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Digital Storm has raised the bar for enthusiast level cooling and control with HydroLux. Available on all custom desktops, HydroLux delivers industry leading cooling performance with bespoke control features.
LED Thermal Mode

Transform chassis LED lighting into a powerful tool for monitoring system temperatures, even while inside a full screen game or during an intensive rendering task. As chassis and fluid temperatures rise and fall, HydroLux displays the fluctuations visually by fading LED lighting from a cool blue to a warm red.

High-flow Pump

Rapid fluid movement is critical to any liquid cooling system. Designed top to bottom with only the best components, HydroLux employs large high-flow pumps that move large volumes of liquid quickly, increasing heat dissipation and cooling performance.

Quick Disconnects

Computer components can be easily serviced and upgraded without having to dismantle the entire cooling system thanks to HydroLux’s strategically placed quick disconnect valves at key junctions.